Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What Does 26g of Sugar Look Like?

26g of sugar
It's easy to say chocolate milk has 26g of sugar, but does that actually mean anything to people?  We measured 26g of sugar with a scale and then placed the sugar in a bag so we can show other people how much 26g of sugar is.

We also compared the amount of sugar in milk to a can of Coke.  It had 59g of sugar.  Most people agree that even 26g of sugar is too much sugar to have every day.

This is 26g of sugar in our convenient travel pack.

Our pros and cons list.

We made a list of the pros and cons of sugar.  We all agree that sugar tastes great, but we have to be careful to make good choices.

We went home that night and shared our new knowledge with our parents.  The parent reaction has been interesting.  Some parents were surprised to learn there was a choice for milk on the form sent home in September.  Next year we will help remind parents about choosing non-flavoured milk.

Here are some of our parents' quotes:

~"Oh my gosh!"

~"I can't believe I'm getting my daughter this!"

~"You can eat a bag of carrots this big to get the same amount of sugar in that milk."

~"We're changing this milk immediately."

We'll keep you posted on The Milk Revolution!


  1. Hi! Fellow Canadian Elementary teacher and Jamie Oliver fan. Found your blog through his twitter. Great work!