Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spreading the Word

We are spreading the word about the added sugar in flavoured milk and today we took our campaign to the street, literally.  It has been a very busy week at school.  Students in our class keep writing their ideas and emailing them to Mrs. Swelander.  We have been going through all the suggestions from classmates, schoolmates, teachers and our blog followers and evaluating which ideas would work best for our school.  There is a special writing committee working day and night on a "Top Secret" mission and hopefully that will be on our blog by the end of next week.

So, today we stepped out onto the street in front of our school and held up our signs.  We got lots of waves and car honks, but we also learned some very valuable lessons.  We thought you might learn from them if you decide to run a similar campaign at your school.
1.  Don't do this on a windy or rainy day.  We're speaking from experience.
2. Attach letters on the top and bottom of the paper so the pages don't curl up.
3. Spell the word correctly.  Double check that all letters are right side up.
4. If you are part of the word "glass" (see the picture below) make sure the last three people stay close to the rest of the word, or else it just looks bad as you're walking up the stairs into the school.
5. When recording the students, turn the camera off before yelling at them from across the street.

Be sure to check in Friday, April 29 for our next "Spreading the Word" idea.   It will be fun for everyone.


  1. Love it! Keep up the good work you guys! I'm a Preschool Teacher following from Kelowna BC. I have a Cooking with Kids segment on my blog so am very interested in the Milk Revolution!!!

  2. The blog looks spectacular. I made a comic blog