Saturday, 30 July 2011

Just Imagine...

One creative student decided to create a new invention that The Milk Revolution would be very interested in owning.

My Invention
By Buttercup Pizzashorts                          

     All my friends were so sick of all the old inventions so I got all my stuff and made something awesome-The-milk-sugar-taker-outer.  It can extract the sugar from chocolate milk, strawberry milk and banana milk. It is used for the most sugary-est milks in the world.  It runs on solar power and human power.  People pump the machine, to make it work. It goes through tubes that extract the sugar.  In a big factory they have six of these machines. Two for each type of milk. The machine is made from steel and wood tubes with nuts and bolts.  It is in the shape of a rectangle. It takes ten milk cartons at a time. It takes 1 minute for it to extract the sugar out. The sugar gets thrown into a pool with a whole bunch of tubes in it that take it to be turned into dust.  he milk leftover tastes like the same milk but with real flavouring, like a "milkshake".  The milk will be the finest that you have ever had once it is done.  Anybody who likes flavoured milk that has no sugar will enjoy this milk.  Since it has zero % sugar it is recommended for anybody. The machine is not for sale so you'll have to buy my milk.

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This Grade 1 class had their picture taken at the Alberta Legislative Building
located in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Monday, 25 July 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here are some more of the wonderful pictures we've been sent.  Have you sent in a picture yet?  Send yours to and we'll put it us on the site.
This photo was sent to us by Jessica.  It was taken at the Royal Alberta Museum
located in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

This picture was taken on the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

This picture was taken in the Juan de Fuca Strait between the British Columbia mainland  and Vancouver Island.

Have you been making healthy choices so far this summer?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Caught on Camera

These photos were sent in to The Milk Revolution.  We hope you enjoy them.
Breslyn is holdinga Milk Revolution sign at an inukshuk in Canmore, Alberta.

This picture was sent from Banff, Alberta.

This Grade 1 class had their picture taken at Sir Winston Churchill Square
in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Milk Revolution in Pictures

This photo was taken by Jessica, the "Museum School" teacher at the
 Royal Alberta Museum located in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
Since we're not in school right now, we've collected some of our favourite pictures that have been sent into us and are posting them over the summer for you to see.  We hope you enjoy them!

These photos were taken by Lumpy Pottyhead with her cute kitties.

Don't forget, The Milk Revolution is about thinking about what you're having in lunch.  Are you thinking about your choices?  Are you making a healthy choice today?

This picture was taken by Mrs. Swelander in Canmore, Alberta.
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Another Milk Revolution Video Game

Pinky Chucklenose has done it again!  He created another fun game to play.  Click on it below.
Scratch Project
How to play: Use the arrow keys to move around the screen and collect the white milk.  At our school the white milk comes in little pink containers.  We don't get strawberry flavoured milk so you don't have to worry.  Stay away from the chocolate milk because if it catches you, your game is over.

Here is another entry from our May Photo Challenge.  This is a Grade 1 class visiting Edmonton's City Hall.

Where are you this summer?  Don't forget to spread the word and take a picture!  You can send it to

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Milk Revolution in Haiku

Not only are students interested in sharing what they know about milk through the videos they've been making, they are using forms of writing learned in class to share their knowledge.  We hope you enjoy these haiku poems.


White milk is yummy.
White milk is good for you!  Yum!
Good: white!  Bad: chocolate!

Milk Revolution.
The Milk Revolution rocks.
Go revolution!

Change your future now.
Drink white milk; healthy for you.
Chocolate is gross!

Chocolate milk is bad.
We will help you live longer
If you drink white milk.

White milk is awesome.
Change from chocolate milk today.
White milk knocks you out.

White is much better.
Why drink chocolate?  It's so bad.
White is so healthy.

White milk is good.
Chocolate milk is bad for you.
White milk is yummy.

Milk Revolution.
Why drink chocolate?  It is bad.
You should drink white milk.

Make healthy choices.
Save the world from chocolate milk.
White milk builds strong bones.

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This picture was taken by Flunky Bananapants in her garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Canada Day!

The Milk Revolution would like to say Happy Canada Day to everyone!  Remember when you are enjoying the day, make healthy choices!  Drink.  Think.  No brown or pink.
And in honour of Canada Day, we would like to share some special photos we took in class.
This is Pinky Hamsterchunks.  This is one month's worth of sugar in chocolate milk.

This picture was created by Buttercup Bananatush.