Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mrs. Swelander Was Shocked!

On April 12, 2011, I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and was SHOCKED!  Jamie Oliver shared what he knew about flavoured milk by filling a school bus full of the amount of sugar consumed in the milk at a Los Angeles school district.

So on April 13, 2011, I shared a clip and picture from that episode and asked my grade four students what they thought about the milk.  This is the link to the clip

My class has a regular blog and so I asked them to blog about their feelings.  These are some of the things they had to say about what they saw:

~"I feel like I need to stop drinking chocolate milk at lunch. There are lots of healthy drink choices out there and we need to find the right one."

~"Well it is really bad!  It’s ok to drink chocolate milk sometimes.  So, if you had it yesterday, don’t have it today.  Make healthy choices."

~"Maybe we can change to only drinking chocolate milk 2 times a week."

~"I do not take milk.  I really did not think that there was that much sugar.  It is amazing!"

So, while it may take a while to start the change, at least the students are talking.


  1. good job grade 4 keep the milk revolution running 4ever

  2. Grade 4 student did it? Wow, impressed… he did a wonderful job. Going to look for more details about it over the internet. Thank you for sharing it