Friday, 29 April 2011

Look At Your Milk Photo Contest

Attention all Milk Revolution friends!  We are hosting a photo challenge.  Here's how you can participate:
  • take a picture that shows a landmark near where you live or are visiting
  • include our address somewhere in the picture (no digital manipulation allowed please)
  • no copyrighted or watermarked pictures or innappropriate images will be accepted
  • all pictures give permission to be placed on our blog for viewing by others
  • please include your name and location, compress your photo and email to
  • Contest closes at midnight May 27, 2011.  Winners will be announced May 31, 2011.
Prizes have been created and selected by the grade four students.  Our criteria for judging a prize was that it has to cost $0, be sent by mail in an envelope or online, be of interest to others.  Pictures will be judged on colour, detail, interest and creativity.  Winning photos will be posted on our blog at the beginning of June.

We look forward to all the exciting photos.  Have fun and spread the word!


  1. Dear Grade 4's,

    We think the photo contest is great! We have been looking at other food labels to see how much sugar, fat and sodium are in the foods we eat (like the foods for our hot dog lunch day in April). We found out that the fruit medley juice box had 23 grams of sugar! Woh! Isn't that totally insane?!

    By the way, we would love to know what some of the prizes are!! Please, could you tell us?

    Moogards and Milk Wishes,
    Room 13 a.k.a Moo 13

  2. This is a great idea! I hope you receive lots of entries. :-)

    I'm loving all the new pictures on the website!


  3. I would like to do it