Friday, 13 May 2011

Revolution Roll-Out

What an exciting week we've had in grade four.  Here's the latest news on The Milk Revolution.

We released our video on YouTube Tuesday morning.  The release appears to have gone off smoothly and people are leaving us very nice comments.  If you'd like to see it, please visit this LINK.  Loopy Bubblefanny (one of our classroom superheroes) says "MooTV Episode 2 should include another cow, a talking milk jug and pictures of our planning sheets and scripts so people can see how much work it was."  We would like to thank everyone who has viewed our video and give a really big thank you to everyone who shared the link with a friend.

The Revolution Roll-Out

A grade three student was the first to bring in her form.
Students visited each classroom in our school and shared both the original video we saw and our MooTV video.  We talked to students about the milk.  Most students in kindergarten through grade four want to change their milk.  The grade fives and sixes don't really want to, so we're appealing to the parents of the fives and sixes because they sign the forms.  So far we've had a 100% increase in the amount of white milk being ordered for lunches.  We still have a way to go, but we're not giving up.

The Photo Challenge
We think he should try to drink one 4L jug of white milk.
We've started receiving entries for our photo challenge.  We realized people might need some ideas for their own photos, so Mrs. Peters asked her son to help us out.  Do you have a photo idea for the challenge?  Kristilyn Robertson has offered to give away 5 free, autographed copies of "One Glass at a Time" to the winners.  What funny or interesting photos can you take with our blog address in them?  For all the contest details click here.

Kids Speak Up at Parent Council Meeting
On Tuesday, May 10, 2011 five students presented everything we've learned so far from The Milk Revolution.  We shared the video of Jamie Oliver pouring sugar into the bus, MooTV and clips from our blog.  Parent really didn't have much to say, but they did ask a few questions.  We're pretty sure our answers were good.

One parent asked: I've heard chocolate milk is a good recovery drink after a workout, what is your opinion?  Buttercup Pizzashorts answered with, "White milk and chocolate milk have the same nutritional value, but with white milk you don't get all the sugar."

They asked us what our goal for the revolution is and Flunky Bananapants said, "Our goal is to change 60% of the chocolate milk orders to white milk."

Another parent asked, "How did you get interested in your project?" and Cheeseball Gigglebrain replied, "It was just a health lesson, but we wouldn't let it go.  It just keeps getting more interesting and we just couldn't forget the lesson we learned that day."

The Milk Revolution Meets 1000km Challenge
Mr. C and our carton of milk.
Our entire school had a challenge this week to run 1000km.  All together we ran 1496km.  As part of our celebration lunch students received white milk.  Our now-famous inflatable carton of milk even ran a few laps of the track.

Q & A with Grade Four
We've received many interesting comments and questions on our blog and thought we would take some time to answer them.  Although we researched the answers, please remember we're 9 and 10 year olds.

Jody Lundell asked: Which is better in a school lunch if someone doesn't like white milk, chocolate milk or juice?
Our answer: Juice comes in lots of different types, and some are more sugary or don't even have any fruit in them.  Chocolate milk is full of sugar.  Try drinking water for lunch, but include cheese or yogurt if you need calcium.  If you need fruit try an orange or a banana in your lunch.

Jody Lundell asked: Is chocolate milk a good recovery drink after a workout?
Our answer: After you work out your body needs healthy vitamins.  White milk has the same amount of vitamins or more, but not the same amount of sugar.  Your doctor would have the best answer for you.

Kristine asked: If you mix chocolate milk with white milk does that make less sugar?
Our answer: If you mix a serving of white milk and a serving of chocolate milk together, there will be less sugar if you drink one total serving.  So, if you mix 250mL of white and 250mL of chocolate and then drink 250mL of milk total, you will drink less sugar than if you drink the chocolate milk serving.  If you just mix the mix and drink all of it, you aren't reducing anything.  In fact, you're adding more sugar.

We'll keep you posted on more news from The Milk Revolution.


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  2. Dear Grade 4,

    We have picked some Moo Projects to do for you! We made a list of all the ways we can tell people about The Milk Revolution and are going ot work on the projects at centers every day.

    Moo 13

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