Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Announcing MooTV

After two long weeks of work, our MooTV Episode 1 was finally released this morning.  We are SO excited, especially since we found out just yesterday that we needed to edit out some of the words.  It was exciting in our classroom when we uploaded our video to YouTube and saved all the changes to make it public.  We hope you like it and share the link with your friends.  We all want you to be healthy, too.

If you are having trouble viewing the video above try this link

Our Milk Revolution is in full swing and the school is all a "twitter."

Milk Revolution Teams visited all the classes in our school today to share our message.  We handed out special new milk order forms that students can change their milk orders.  We even talked to kindergarten students to help them make a healthy choice for next year.

The Milk Revolution superheroes in disguise.
We also received an exciting twitter message this morning.
We all want to write emails, but Mrs. Swelander said it might be better if we just send one really good email.  Now we have more work to do this afternoon.  Just as we are posting to our blog we got "tweeted" by @FoodRevTeam about our video.

Tonight we present our video and all the information we've gathered to our school's parent association.  We will post again tomorrow to let you know what they think.

In the meantime, thank you and we hope you enjoy our video.  If you have ideas for the next one, be sure to leave us a comment.


  1. Way to go grade 4's!!! This is so exciting! Your voice is being heard around the world...
    Mrs. Gluth :-)

  2. That was awesome you guys!! My little preschool Mini Chefs will be raising a glass on Monday ;) Keep up the great work ~ sharing on FB!

  3. Great video guys!!! Keep up the good work :)

  4. Well done! The parents at the school council meeting were very impressed. They asked lots of questions and your answers demonstrated that you have done your research. Do you think we should serve white milk with our pizza lunch on Friday?

  5. What an incredible movie your class created. I especially loved the Lego scene. Keep up the good work. From your fan at city Hall. Have you shared your work with the folks at Club Moo?
    Mrs. Hut

  6. This is fantastic! I'm going to share your video around my office to make sure we drink our milk WITHOUT the sugar! I'm going to tweet your link out too. Great Job!

    Cailey Crawford
    Director, Strategic Partnerships
    Canadian Education Association

  7. You should be so proud...you did a GREAT job with the video!!!

  8. Precious fourth graders can be very inspiring compared to adults giving the same message. We have the same debate about chocolate milk in our school district, and it keeps going around and around. To spread your motivating point to Lane County students in Oregon, please send me a DVD of MOO TV, Episode 1, and I will sponsor your message on Cable Access TV, and give you all the credits and links to your webpage and Jamie Oliver's links as well (I'm also a fan of Jamie).

    I want to help spread The Milk Revolution.
    Bravo kids,



  9. I think episode one is awesome!!

  10. good job on the milk revolution this blog is working good