Friday, 27 May 2011

The Answer is White Milk

The Milk Revolution continues to roll on.  On Wednesday, our teachers hosted a breakfast to honour all the volunteers who help make our school a better place.  The Milk Revolution handed out white milk and shared what they have learned about the chocolate milk.  We had a few more parents change their child's milk to white instead of chocolate.  One student was overheard at the beverage table saying, "Would you like raspberry juice or pommagranate juice?"  A parent, "Raspberry please."  Then the student said, "You're supposed to choose WHITE MILK."

Today is Jamie Oliver's birthday.  We made him a special birthday message.  You can view it here.  He has a birthday wish of his own.  If you would like to help out his wish, visit here.

Tonight's homework for students to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution with their parents.  In Edmonton, both ABC and CityTV air this show at 9:00pm.

We have made a new graph for the month of May.  We are making a difference in our school.  More kids need to change their milk.  There is a rumour that the lunchroom supervisors are letting kids pick their milk rather than checking the list, so we're going to talk to them so that all students get the milk their parent's have chosen.

The Photo Challenge ends soon.  Thank you to those people who have already entered, but we'd love to hear from you!
We apologize for not having posted all week.  We were very busy filming MooTV Episode 2.  We will be releasing it on Tuesday, May 31 so be sure to check it out.

According to our honourary superhero, Chocolate-No-More-Woman, "This one is even better than the first!"


  1. Great job on winning Blog Of the Month! You guys did awesome.

    Room 13

  2. wow that is cool and iam in the class

  3. You guys are awesome! You won the blog of the month

  4. How did you manage to write so many posts in such a short time?