Saturday, 30 July 2011

Just Imagine...

One creative student decided to create a new invention that The Milk Revolution would be very interested in owning.

My Invention
By Buttercup Pizzashorts                          

     All my friends were so sick of all the old inventions so I got all my stuff and made something awesome-The-milk-sugar-taker-outer.  It can extract the sugar from chocolate milk, strawberry milk and banana milk. It is used for the most sugary-est milks in the world.  It runs on solar power and human power.  People pump the machine, to make it work. It goes through tubes that extract the sugar.  In a big factory they have six of these machines. Two for each type of milk. The machine is made from steel and wood tubes with nuts and bolts.  It is in the shape of a rectangle. It takes ten milk cartons at a time. It takes 1 minute for it to extract the sugar out. The sugar gets thrown into a pool with a whole bunch of tubes in it that take it to be turned into dust.  he milk leftover tastes like the same milk but with real flavouring, like a "milkshake".  The milk will be the finest that you have ever had once it is done.  Anybody who likes flavoured milk that has no sugar will enjoy this milk.  Since it has zero % sugar it is recommended for anybody. The machine is not for sale so you'll have to buy my milk.

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  1. Wow, the milk-sugar-taker-outer, genuinely a new idea. Did you really make it or it’s an idea in pipeline? Keep us posted once it is done. Good luck.