Friday, 5 August 2011

Milk Revolution Limericks

Since we have to do "normal" work in class too, Mrs. Swelander gave us a fun task to try to write limericks about The Milk Revolution.  Limericks are short, funny poems with AABBA rhyming patterns.  These are some of our favourites.  We wrote these limericks back in June when we were in school.

There was an old lady with milk.
It was white so she felt no guilt.
Everyone else gloated
Then their tummies exploded!
That smart old lady with milk.

I met a girl named Tink.
She drank nothing but pink,
But then one day
She threw it away
And it's gone forever, I think.

There once was a girl named Fink.
She hated to drink pink.
When her milk wasn't right,
It made her a fright!
Then she noticed white milk wasn't such a bad drink.

There once named a boxer named Dwight,
Who never lost a fight.
He threw such hard punches
Because in in his lunches
His mother packed milk that was white.

There once was a spotted brown cow
Who lives in a pasture now.
She makes awesome milk
As smooth as a silk
And I don't know exactly how.

There once was a fat cow named Pete.
His favourite thing to do was eat.
He ate more then his share .
The other cows did not care.
They all knew he was dead  meat.

There once was a girl named Ink
Who once decided to drink pink.
She went to the mall
And hit a brick wall.
Poor little Ink with Pink.

We hope you are making healthy choices!
This is a picture we took way back in April in our classroom.

This picture was sent to us from Jasper, AB.

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  1. Beautiful way of promoting healthy life style among kids. Kids holding posters and chat for healthy choices seems more impactful. Very creative idea. Loved the pictures and work these little kids.