Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Milk Revolution in Haiku

Not only are students interested in sharing what they know about milk through the videos they've been making, they are using forms of writing learned in class to share their knowledge.  We hope you enjoy these haiku poems.


White milk is yummy.
White milk is good for you!  Yum!
Good: white!  Bad: chocolate!

Milk Revolution.
The Milk Revolution rocks.
Go revolution!

Change your future now.
Drink white milk; healthy for you.
Chocolate is gross!

Chocolate milk is bad.
We will help you live longer
If you drink white milk.

White milk is awesome.
Change from chocolate milk today.
White milk knocks you out.

White is much better.
Why drink chocolate?  It's so bad.
White is so healthy.

White milk is good.
Chocolate milk is bad for you.
White milk is yummy.

Milk Revolution.
Why drink chocolate?  It is bad.
You should drink white milk.

Make healthy choices.
Save the world from chocolate milk.
White milk builds strong bones.

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This picture was taken by Flunky Bananapants in her garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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  1. I really don't drink milk and as far as my little nephews and nieces are concerned they only love chocolate milk. Please share some posts related to that.