Sunday, 26 June 2011

What's Moo in Grade 2?

A few weeks ago we sent classmates over to a Grade 2 class in our school because we'd heard they were doing some a-moozing things to spread the word about The Milk Revolution.  We interviewed students and here are some of the great things they've been working on.

One group of students have written a really good script.  The grade four class has decided to help produce this clip for the next episode of MooTV.  We think you'll enjoy it.

Another group of students have designed stickers and buttons that students who have changed their milk can wear.  They sold these stickers and buttons to raise money for the Slave Lake Fire Fund.  Slave Lake is a town in northern Alberta where 1/3 of the town burned down May 16, 2011 because of a forest fire.  All together, they raised $156.13.  Great work!
This is an example of some of the cool buttons designed
by the Grade 2 students of Room 13.
MooSongs is a group of students who have been writing songs and jingles that we could use on MooTV.  Some of the songs are really cute.  One student has written out all the words to "One Glass at a Time" so the class learned all the words to sing.  Lots of students got together and sang in the gym together.  The video can be seen here.

Another hardworking group made posters. They want to help spread the word.  The posters are hanging all over the school right now.

Here is another creative photo courtesy of Cheeseball Gigglebrain.
Is your class doing something to educate people about the sugar in the milk?  We want to hear from you.  Send us your story.  You can even include pictures!  Send it to

Keep the revolution moo-ving right along.

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