Thursday, 23 June 2011

100 Things That Have Less Sugar Than One Carton of Chocolate Milk

One 250mL carton of chocolate milk has 26g of sugar.

People keep telling us that chocolate milk is a healthy drink, but here are 100 things that have LESS sugar than a carton of chocolate milk.  The things listed below are usually considered treats for people and wouldn't usually be considered healthy choices in lunches.
1.  A Crispy Crunch 48g chocolate bar has 25g of sugar.
2. A Strawberry Banana Donut from Tim Horton's has 22g of sugar.
3. A 42g Kit Kat chocolate bar has 20g of sugar.
4. A 25g chocolate, caramel Rice Krispie Square has 11g of sugar.
5. The baked apple pie from McDonald's has 14g of sugar.
6. A regular sized Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich has 20g of sugar.
7. An A&W apple turnover has 14g of sugar.
8. A 42g Reece Peanut Butter Cup set has 20g of sugar.
9.  The Taco Bell 35g serving of cinnamon twists has 10g of sugar.
10. A strawberry Timbit has 4g of sugar.  That means you can have 6-7 for the same amount as chocolate milk.
11. At McDonald's a child size (250mL) Nestea Iced Tea has 20g of sugar.
12.  At A&W the rootbeer lollypops have 6g of sugar.
13.  One Popsicle brand popsicle has 8g of sugar.
14. The Cinnamon Melts from McDonald's have 19g of sugar in a serving.
15. An Old Fashioned Chocolate Dipped donut from Tim Horton's has 16g of sugar.
16. The Burger King Hershey's Sundae Pie has 22g of sugar.
17. A fruit-in-yogurt parfait from McDonald's has 25g of sugar.
18. At McDonald's a baked quiche pie has 16g of sugar.
19. A Kellogg's Frosted Cherry Poptart has 17g of sugar.
20. A Mott's fruit cup has 22g of sugar.
21. A caramel chocolate pecan cookie from Tim Horton's has 17g of sugar.
22. At McDonald's Apple Slices have 17g of sugar.
23. One Kellogg's Poptart has 17g of sugar.
24. 50g of Lays Barbeque Potato Chips have 3g of sugar.
25. 34g of Butterscotch Sauce from Swiss Chalet has 18g of sugar.
26.  One sugar cube is 4g of sugar.
27. Lays Classic Potato Chips has 0g of sugar.
28. A 125mL Chocolate Ice Cream from Swiss Chalet has 14g of sugar.
29. A Junior Chocolate Frostee from Wendy's has 22g of sugar.
30. A 3/4 cup of Captain Crunch cereal has 12g of sugar.
31.A Large French Fries from McDonald's has 0g of sugar.
32. The Chocolate Sauce from Swiss Chalet has 15g in a 34g serving.
33. 1096g of Boston Pizza's Boston Smoky Mountain Spaghetti & Meatballs has 20g of sugar.
34. 161g of Honey BBQ KFC Sandwich has 21g of sugar.
35. 1/2 cup of Marble Slab sorbet has 19g of sugar.
36. 1 cup of Marble Slab Chocolate Swiss Ice Cream is 0g of sugar.
37. A box of McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies has 9g of sugar.
38. A Second Cup Cappucino has 10g of sugar in it.
39. Three Chips Ahoy! cookies is 32.4g and contains 11g of sugar.
40. A Dairy Queen 1/2cup of soft serve ice cream has 19g of sugar.
41. A Dairy Queen 1/2cup of chocolate soft serve ice cream has 18g of sugar.
42. A McDonald's Baked Peach Pie has 16g of sugar.
43. A 9oz small orange juice from McDonald's has 23g of sugar.
44. 3/4 cup of Fruit Loops cereal has 12g of sugar in it.
45. A slice of Earl's cheesecake has 0g of sugar.
46. McDonald's box of regular cookies has 9g of sugar.
47. McDonald's apple slices with caramel sauce has 17g of sugar.
48. A chocolate glazed Timbit from Tim Horton's has 5g of sugar.
49. An Old Fashioned Cinnamon Donut from Tim Horton's has 9g of sugar.
50. Cinnamon Poppers from Pizza 73 have 13g of sugar.
51. Pizza 73 plum dipping sauce has 22g of sugar.
52. A no-name brand Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich has 13g of sugar in a 125mL sandwich.
53. An 87g bowl of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream has 16g of sugar.
54. A 65g serving of Munchos Potato Chips has 1g of sugar.
55. A 250mL containter of Pepsi Max has 0g of sugar.
56. A 250mL serving of Fresca has 0g of sugar.
57. Coca-Cola Zero serving of 250mL has 0g of sugar.
58. A 44g Crunchie chocolate bar has 22g of sugar in it.
59. A 45g Caramilk chocolate bar has 25g of sugar in it.
60. A 25g package of Real Fruit Minis has 13g of sugar in it.
61. 157mL of Skinny Cow Caramel Swirl Ice Cream has 24g of sugar in it.
62. A 37g package of Malteser's Chocolate Malt Treats has 19.7g of sugar.
63. A Brown Sugar Kellogg's Poptart has 13g of sugar in it.
64. A one cup serving of Apple Jacks cereal has 13g.
65. A 39g Skor Chocolate Bar contains 24g of sugar.
66. 15 pieces of Candy Corn has 24.8g of sugar.
67. One serving fun size bag of Tropical Skittles has 15g of sugar.
68. A 35g Snickers Chocolate bar has 18g of sugar.
69. 4 pieces of strawberry Twizzlers licorice has 19g of sugar.
70. One Hershey Milk Chocolate Almond bar has 19g of sugar.
71. 6 Jolly Rancher candies have 22g of sugar.
72. One S'more Donut from Tim Horton's has 20g of sugar in it.
73. A Cinnamon Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 11g of sugar.
74. A Tim Horton's Blueberry Glazed dnout has 14g of sugar.
75. One Candy Cane doughnut from Tim Horton's has 21g of sugar.
76. One Old-Fashioned Dip Doughnut has 16g of sugar.
77. A Kids Meal Cheesy Pizza from Swiss Chalet has 3g of sugar.
78. Four Oreo cookies have 14g of sugar.
79. An Old-Fashioned Glazed Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 22g of sugar.
80. One Old-Fashioned Plain Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 7g of sugar in it.
81. One Peanut Crunch Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 13g of sugar.
82. One Twinkie has 15g of sugar.
83. One Apple Toaster Strudel has 8g of sugar.
84. One 200mL carton of McDonald's Chocolate Milk has 22g of sugar.
85. One 21g serving of Cherry Jell-o has 19g of sugar.
86. Three Reduced Fat Oreo Cookies has 14g of sugar.
87. One 24g Oreo Snack Cake has 9g of sugar.
88. One Pumpkin Spiced Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 22g of sugar.
89. The Sour Cream Sugar Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 12g of sugar in it.
90. One 34g serving of Frosted Flakes cereal has 25g of sugar.
91. One 31g serving of Trix cereal has 12g of sugar.
92. One Kellogg's Nutrigrain Cereal Bar has 13g of sugar.
93. One serving of 127g of Mrs. Smith's Apple Pie is 18g of sugar.
94. Jell-o Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding (99g) has 16g of sugar in it.
95. One 37g Hostess Cupcake has 10g of sugar.
96. One 49.5g Hostess Cupcake has 22g of sugar.
97. Two regular Chips Ahoy! cookies (20g) have 7g of sugar.
98. Teh R-r-r-roll-up Lemon Raspberry Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 19g of sugar.
99. The Blueberry Fritter Doughnut from Tim Horton's has 22g of sugar.
100. The Boston Cream Donut from Tim Horton's has 13g of sugar.

It took us a while to make this list and we are sure there are lots of things that could be on it.  We just wanted to show the adults that the amount of sugar in the chocolate milk is making the healthy calcium and vitamins unhealthy.

And guess what?
Nobody at our school STOPPED drinking their milk.

Chocolate-No-More-Woman gives new meaning to "milk mustache."


  1. Great job girls, keep up the good work.

  2. Way to go...very thought-provoking!

  3. Just one question, what is the volume of the offending carton of milk?

  4. good work on the list, one thing that you need to fix ...

    84. One 200mL carton of McDonald's Chocolate Milk has 22g of sugar. ???

  5. a regular 250ml carton of chocolate milk Julia :) It did say it at the top of the post :)

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  7. wow that is a lot of stuff that has less sugar than chocolate milk

    P.s. Nice milk mustache

  8. okay that is how much sugar there is. i would buy more of those insted of chocolate milk

  9. Why are people keep drinking choclate milk why cant they drink white it dosent taste good. Or it dosent enogh sugar in it to drink remember this think drink no brown or pink.

  10. Wow! This was so hard to put together and I'm so glad that I can be in the milk rev!