Monday, 13 June 2011

A Milk Revolution Video Game

One of our genius Grade 4 students designed a simple Milk Revolution Video game.  You have to chase the chocolate milk away.  Give it a try!

Scratch Project

How to Play: Your mouse is the little guy.  Chase the chocolate milk.  If the link doesn't work, try HERE.

Thank you to Pinky Chucklenose for designing the game.

And more good news!

Doofus Pizzabrain is interviewed.
Geoff from Global TV Edmonton came to our class today and interviewed us about The Milk Revolution.  He says it will be part of the Health Matters segment on tonight's broadcast.  When it goes online, we will post a link, too.  We took his picture with the milk carton.

Geoff Stickle from Global TV Edmonton stopped by today.


  1. I am very excited that there is a video game! I hope my mom will allow me that I could get one! Has anyone tried it?

  2. how did you make that milk revoltion video game

  3. that sounds very exiting to have been on global tv. so cool!

  4. how did you make the milk revoltion web site.

  5. I am surprized how much sugar there is in chocolate milk!!!

  6. Wow I think you can change the world! Keep up the awsome work!

  7. the second game is coming soon