Wednesday, 19 October 2011

An Update From The Milk Revolution

We are finally settled into our class again and have new routines.  We're in grade five now and have a few new students.  The Milk Revolution continued all summer and early in September our school board announced a junk food ban in all schools in our district.  We feel proud of our district because they are helping all of us be more healthy.

We have noticed that most students in our school are choosing white milk instead of chocolate for lunch.  Hopefully, one day chocolate milk will be gone completely.

In September we were featured on again.  Here is a link to our article.

Next week students in our class will be presenting our journey with The Milk Revolution to the school board trustees.  We will update you after the meeting.

Thank you for still believing in us!


  1. Finally you guys are on the beat. good job guys iam so proud of you. iam happy:)

  2. hey guys its ethan great job on the milk revolution this year.drink,think,no brown or pink!!!!!!!!

  3. We really enjoyed your blog. It teaches kids to stop drinking so much chocolate milk. Your slogan is very catchy. Think Drink No Brown or Pink stays in many students' minds. In our class only 2 students regularly drink chocolate milk or hot chocolate. 17 students drink white, or soy milk. Maybe you could check out our Blog and tell us what you think.

  4. New Blog it has all the milk revolution games

  5. I mean Milk is good but I rly agree to the doctors....

  6. ITs me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE WHITE MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!